When you fill a building with nerds, engineers, gymnasts, aspiring guitarists, wedding singers, architects, comic-book lovers, athletes, photographers, problem solvers, soccer loyalists, chefs, heavy metal drummers and everything in between, you are bound to create and grow something GR8.

You’re curious, skilled and your work will be at the core of everything we build. GR8 People is and always will be a SaaS Software company that thinks big and pushes the limits. Here you will develop key components of our one-experience talent platform that scales globally. As a team we’ll create and ideate building the talent platform of a new generation—for users worldwide.

The backbone of GR8 People’s success consists of the implementation specialists, account managers and support specialists all dedicated to top-notch customer success. Whether implementing Fortune 500 companies, solving technical challenges for businesses, or configuring that next GR8 solution you can belong to a team that engages and nurtures relationships with customers delivering exceptional performance and service.

Be part of a team of entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and creative thinkers who are GR8 listeners. Positioning and evolving our platform through strong communications, customer partnerships and an eye on the right solutions that will solve problems and continuously drive talent acquisition forward with our recruiting software. The momentum is unstoppable with this group.

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